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    Jack Petchey Awards

    JP 1Sir Jack Petchey CBE founded the Jack Petchey Foundation in 1999 to recognise the positive contributions young people make to society and assist them in achieving their potential. We support programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11-25 in London and Essex and have invested over £110 million in such schemes. 

     JP 2Our major programme, the Achievement Awards is a peer recognition scheme operating in grass roots youth clubs, youth organisations, secondary schools and uniformed organisations.  There are currently over 2,000 schemes running.  The young award winners choose how best to spend their £250 award money to the benefit of their club or school – that is over £3 million being invested in youth activity every year!

    W&TH are granted two awards a year and in the past, have used this money to provide t shirts and swimming bags for competitive squad members. It has funded various social events including ice skating, trampolining and this year a trip to the London Dungeons.


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    Past Winners

    Edwardo Bucca, Sheree Odofin, Reece Richards, Camara Bourne, Kelly Coates, Karolina Wrobel

    Martin Grady, Faye Grady, Eitan Vaz, Louise Fernandes, Mina Pingelova, Anna Barnett

    Rafal Jawny, Karl Fernandes, Jakub Piaseki, Zachary McLennon, Gudrun Bennett, Alexandria Richards


    Alex Chiu, Konrad Gogolewski, Freya McCardie, Ella Kennedy. Amelia Sorrell, Ethan Foley


    Leonia Kouma, Martha Gallagher, Katie Hyne, Alana Connor. Young Leader Callum Card


    Sofia Ali, Taylor Brown, Aaron Odofin, Kay-la Mae Te- Bullions. Mustapha Al-Faruqi, Ella Davis Leader Keisha Duncan- Paig


    Lola Richards, Mina Pingelova, Levi McLennon Defoe, Alexander Flemimg O'Reilly, Zabllon Atenafu, Franklin Otero


    Frania Garzennec, Laura Siqueira, Issac Alexis, Roshan Suri, Zoe Davis, Skye McLaughin


    Abbie Banyon, Syriah Patrick, Eva O'Mahoney, Tashyla Reynolds, Ryan Sharp, Sonia Brusstowska


    Aashvi Sawant, Julia Lewkowic, Jorge Smith, Navaeh Marshall


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